Welcome to VegaBlue 2.0


Let's be honest, we all love Apple. I am truly in love with my iPhone, iMac, & iPad. However, there is at least one thing inherently wrong with this company... it does not integrate it's mobile devices with Flash. Well, my old site (as much as I loved it) was Flash and I AM POSITIVE that I lost work because it was rendered obsolete with Apple's mobile products. So.... here we are (hopefully you're reading from your iPhone or iPad :) ).

I love this minimalist design and it really has a certain flow about it. I must thank my friend and incredibly talented photographer Alexey Ivanov for turning me on to this web company. Really some great designs with many many great features, hopefully as you can see. So folks, please....

Give me your feedback. How do you like it? How can I make this site better? What would you like to see with this web site?

Know that I am going to begin offering tutorials here in the blog section soon concerning processing as well as shooting/lighting techniques (when I have time, that is). Thank you for taking a look and bookmark me please.